Students Blocked State Highway Against Fee Hike


Mahishadal: Girls college students of Mahishadal has started protest against the fee hike of hostel on Saturday. They blocked the Mahishadal-Geonkhali state highway to show their protest. Students alleged that the hostel authority hiked four hundred rupees in one step. They also alleged that the hostel authority did not provide the quality foods to the students.

হোস্টেল ফি বৃদ্ধির প্রতিবাদে পথ অবরোধে ছাত্রীরা

Approximately two hundred students joined in this protest. Traffic disrupted due to this protest for half an hour. Police force reached the spot to handle the situation. After that College principle UttamKumar Utthaseni was also reached the spot. Principal promised to take action against that. After hearing positive note from Principal, Students lifted the protest.

According to the student wings, Hostel authority at first took 1050 rupees from students for hostel charge. Recently authority hiked the fee and wanted to take 1500 for hostel charge. Even if authority did not inform about this hike.

According to principal, We do not get money from state government to run the hostel so we decide to hike the fee for running the hostel smoothly. We decided on College committee meeting. We also have arranged a meeting with students union in that issue. Hopefully we will get positive result from this meeting.