Student Wing Parties Call For Strike Over Islampur Incident


Kolkata: Both SFI and ABVP parties have called for students strikes on Saturday
over the death of two former students at Islampur’s Dwaribhit High School on
Thursday. The SFI will observe strike throughout the state whereas ABVP will
observe it in North Dinajpur.

The strike called by SFI, student wing of CPM party, has been supported by ABVP,
which is close to BJP. However, SFI has refused to accept ABVP’s support. General
secretary Srijan Bhattacharya said, “We are observing our plan on our own, we do
not need any support.” Recently, in JNU, ABVP lost to SFI in its student elections.
It was reported that after this, the saffron party students allegedly attacked the
Left party students in the campus. Before this controversy could stop, another
cropped up.

Anarchy broke out at the Islampur’s school on Thursday over the demand for teachers
in Bengali, Geaography, Science and Maths instead of Urdu language for which the
school already recruited teachers. The chaos left two former students, Rajesh
Sarkar and Tapas Barman dead.

The ABVP’s state vice-general secretary Subir Halder has claimed deceased Tapas
Sarkar to be the party’s Dwaribhata branch’s vice-general secretary. They have also
claimed the other deceased boy to be from their party. To oppose the death of their
party members, they are trying every measure possible to prove it.

The SFI has called for strike on Saturday but have taken to the streets from Friday
itself. The road near Kurzon gate at East Burdwan was blocked. The SFI leaders-
workers got involved in a quarrel with the police when they(police) asked them to
withdraw it. The police was attacked too.

ABVP vice-general secretary said, “It needs to be find out that who gave instructions for shooting. The culprits will have to be punished.”