Student Lands In Trouble For Condemning Immersion Carnival On Facebook


Kolkata: A first year MTech student suffered a huge blow for expressing her opinions on Facebook. She found a hoarding with the Facebook post near her house condemning her move. The flex had the message ‘Shame On You’.

Rajashree Chattopadhyay, on October 14, took to Facebook to expressing her anguish over Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s decision to hold a Durga Puja immersion carnival on Red Road  last Wednesday. She had posted: “Bhashane Haribol! Mananiya apni chuloi jaan.”

Local committee created a furore and strongly criticized her views. They ought to teach her a lesson. When contacted, she said “ I have full right to express my opinion on social media. My civil rights shouldn’t be curbed. This is not a strong ground to publicly defame my views. I fully endorse my view and  don’t feel ashamed about it.”

She was reportedly threatened by few local members of the ruling party and a public apology was sought. “ Crores were spend to organize this carnival at the behest of the tax payers. The state is lacking adequate employment. It needs development. I only expressed my opinion as citizen. Is there anything wrong with that?”, she  added. Though the members of the local committee remained unavailable for comment.

Meanwhile, the hoarding was pulled down on Monday. Local councillor Bapi Mitra said, “ The political atmosphere was intensifying. To avoid more such commotion, the hoarding was done away with.  There was no political agenda behind it. No Trinamool worker was involved. I believe it was an attempt to defame our party. I will look further into the matter.” “ Anyone is free to post anything on social media. To counter views, we should do it on Facebook itself. But the words should be carefully used.  It is a misleading propaganda behind us,” he added.

Rajashree however feels vulnerable and humiliated. She will take stern action if threatened again. She fears actions from various groups. She believes she being a supporter of SFI, was made a target.


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