Student Falls Sick After Playing Momo In Midnapore


Midnapore: A class 12 student of Goyaltor’s Konarpur High School fell sick after falling prey to the momo game challenge. Subhadip Nandi is presently undergoing treatment at the Midnapore Medical College and Hospital. He is a resident of Goyaltor’s Kadma village.

Subhadip’s father claimed that his son fell sick after playing momo game. He also said that he noticed a change in his behaviour in the last four days. However, Subhadip said that he did not play momo. Just seeing the link of momo made him fall sick.

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Subhadip informed that he received the momo link and on clicking it the dangerous face came up. Seeing the picture he started feeling giddy. But he claimed to not have played any challenge for which he was getting threats to play the game everyday.

Subhadip also informed that he was being blackmailed through the momo game. The police, on coming to know about this, immediately went to Subhadip’s house. The police counselled him and took his phone away for investigation.

Following instructions by the police, Subhadip’s family members first took him to the Garbeta’s Keyakal hospital in the afternoon. After that, he was shifted to the Midnapore Medical College and Hospital.