Student Committed Suicide In Murshidabad


Murshidabad: A 17 year old boy named Bishnu Dey committed suicide on Sunday in Murshidabad’s Harihar area. Interestingly, Boy committed suicide due to unwillingness to eat and reading books. Such incident shocked the whole area of Harihar Para.

According to local sources, the boy did not eat foods since Sunday morning. After that, the boy being scolded by her mother for do not reading books and not eating since Sunday morning. For a long time the boy did not come out from his room. At first, parents did not understand the situation but after few hours doubt raised in their minds.

After entering the room, they saw their boy hanging by a scarf from the ceiling fan. The boy immediately sent to the local hopsital with the help of locals. But the doctor declared him dead. Police of Harihar area was reached the spot and sent the body for postmortem. However family and friends all are surprised in this incident.