Student Commits Suicide Over Poor Results

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Haldia: Indrajita Jana, 20 years old first year student has committed suicide after receiving result which was not expected. The incident took place in Chaitanyapur of Midnapore.

She left a suicide note and hanged herself from from the ceiling. She wrote in her note that nobody was responsible for her death. She was a student of Chemistry in Raj College of Mahishadal. According to the family source, she got her result on August 29 and entered a depression zone after this.

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Though he received good marks in honours subject but could not get pass marks in her supplementary subject Mathematics. So she started to backtrack herself and she kept herself in house, stopped her daily routine. Within few days she committed suicide. Her parents are shocked over such death.

The officer-in-charge of Sutahata Jaleswar Tiwary said, “She mentioned her failure in the suicide note. That is the reason behind committing suicide.” The faculty of Raj College expressed shock after knowing the incident.