Student Checks His Own Paper, Gives Himself Full Marks

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Ahmedabad: While investigations into the Bihar toppers scandal continue, a ‘matchless’ incident concerning the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) has come to light. A class 12 student in Ahmedabad wrote his Economics and Geography papers and later checked it with red-ink giving himself full marks in one of the subjects. The board has now filed a complaint against the student Harshad Sarvaiya.

GSHSEB secretary (examination) GD Patel said that Sarvaiya examined his own answersheets in Geopgraphy and Economics. While the teachers caught the irregularity in Geography in which he scored 34 marks, Sarvaiya’s ‘masterclass’ act went unnoticed in Economics paper. He gave himself 100/100 in the subject.

Here’s what Sarvaiya scored in other subjects: Gujarati (13), English (12), Sanskrit (4), Sociology (20), Psychology (5). The board has summoned Sarvaiya and may face strict punishment if proven guilty. He is likely to be debarred from appearing in the two exams.

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In order to avoid being caught by examiners Sarvaiya avoided mentioning marks top front page of the answersheets. None of seven examiners who checked his copy noticed the anomaly and gave him full marks. The board has now summoned the teachers as well