Struggle Never Brings Change: Modi


New Delhi: Tensions and struggles do not bring change, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today as he asked the young IAS officers to bring about positive change that will benefit the nation.

“Tensions and struggles don’t bring change. It is about how many people to integrate,” Modi said during his interaction with 169 IAS officers of 2013 batch.

Noting that they are the people going to manage several districts across India, he said, “The positive change you bring will be beneficial for the nation.”

He said 10 years are very crucial for them and they should make the most of these years and ensure their foundations are strong. “Our actions must be in tune with our vision. What we learn on the ground is very important,” the Prime Minister said.

These IAS officers for the first time started their career as Assistant Secretaries from the national capital, rather than their respective states allocated to them as cadres. They have been assigned important desks related with policy and flagship programmes of the concerned ministries and departments.

They are being groomed by principal mentors at the level of Secretary and divided into four clusters, namely infrastructure, social sector, regulatory, enabling or support sector and economic or commerce related, as assigned by the Cabinet Secretary.