Strong Police Protection For Left Front’s Nabanna March


Kolkata: The left front party will conduct a protest march towards the state secretariat in an effort to protest against various measures taken by the state government.

Apart from transport disruptions to occur, chaos is expected in the second half of the day. To prevent any unaccountable situation, the security in and around Nabanna has been briefed up.

The Kolkata Police and the police of Howrah will be in the charge to maintain peace in the city. More than 2000 police personnel will be deployed in and around the city. Forces from the Rapid Action Force (RAF), Quick Response Team will be present to cumber any mishap if it occurs in the city.

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According to the police, there will be three-level security arrangements on Monday. The roads towards the Nabanna will be protected by various barricades. They also informed that necessary diversions will be made for those protesters who will come from the Howrah Ramkrishna river bank and from the Santragachhi area.

The police have arranged for a huge number of securities for the proposed rally to the state secretariat on Monday. From Sunday night onwards the police were deployed in the check points of Howrah which leads towards Nabanna.