Strong Adoption Of Apps: Indians Spending More Than 4hrs Everyday


Priyanka Dutta, Kolkata: Indians have plenty of time to waste compared to most advanced countries where people spend their time productively.

In many households the Televisions are used only in the weekend. In terms of categories, shopping apps, travel, and games emerged as the top categories where people were spending most of their time. Indians were second in terms of average time spent per month per user on mobile shopping, with close to 90 minutes.

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The most active smartphone users in India spend more than 4 hours every day—the equivalent of half a standard workday—on mobile apps. India was among the top 5 markets in terms of total time spent on apps on Android phones in May 2017, according to a study by app analytics firm App Annie. App Annie looked at the ten biggest Android using countries for its study.

India’s top 20% (the most active Android users) was close behind the top 20% in South Korea, Mexico, Brazil, and Japan, whose users spent about 5 hours. Even the least active users in India spent at least 1.5 hours.

The median (those in the middle) spent close to 2.5 hours a day. The report noted that this indicates strong adoption of apps even for the least avid users in these countries, thanks to widespread adoption of apps such as WhatsApp and an emerging mobile-first lifestyle.

From the beginning of the human civilization, information and the ways people use it, has been one of the main issues in the societies. Producing and disseminating the information in a wide variety of fields has been one of the main reasons for calling the contemporary era as the age of the information and therefore, knowledge has become as one of the most significant elements of human progress and civilization.

Gathering knowledge from Apps are good but we should remember the fact that increasing amounts of time online gradually isolates a person from friends and loved ones. The ongoing effects of internet addiction predispose a person to conditions involving depression and in some cases, substance abuse.

An ongoing lack of social interaction can have actual physical effects on a person’s brain chemistry as well as physical health.