Striking Junior Doctors Moves To Nabanna To Meet CM Mamata


Kolkata: With the aim to bring an end to the present impasse that has paralyssed the health service in West bengal, The striking doctors in West Bengal on Monday afternoon moved to Nabanna to hold talks with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee with the permission of live coverage of the deliberations to avoid discrepancies.

A group consisting twenty eight people who will represent the demands of all agitated striking doctors at the administrative headquarter of West Bengal, Nabanna. State Health Department bus carrying representatives of doctors for the scheduled meeting with CM Mamata Banerjee which is set to begin shorthly in Nabanna.

These are the demands of junior Kolkata doctors that they are likely to discuss with Mamata Banerjee in a meeting at 3 pm.

a) Hospital security system.

b) Patient identification with the help of Aadhar or any other biometric.

c) Patients have to sign a contract which will clearly say that if any property is destroyed by the patient’s kin, the patient will have to bear the compensation otherwise he/she will be barred from getting any treatment free of cost.

d) If a doctor is verbally abused or physically assaulted, video footage or CCTV footage will be given to the central organisation headed by ex-SC judge and lawyers. If the CCTV footage is destroyed, hospital super will be held liable.

e) Fast track court specially designed to hear assualt cases should be made.

f) Helpline for doctors by the Central govt for registering complaints against political leaders. In cases where the ruling party is found to be misusing its powers, a CBI inquiry should be ordered.

g) The arrest of those who circulate hate messages against doctors on social media.

h) Violation against women doctors should be made grave offense.

i) Counselling of all patients should be done under audio-visual surveillance.