Strict Rule! Steps To Be Taken If Teachers Remain Absent


Kolkata: Education Minister Partha Chatterjee has given strict instructions to take actions against teachers who will remain absent to take part in any rally or meeting.

Actions will also be taken if the teacher has taken part in the meeting or rally on a working day but has been marked present in the register. While convening a meeting with the primary education organisations, the minister clearly stated these instructions.

According to a news published in a particular media, Partha said that if anyone wants to attend and rally or meeting, then he/she can do that on his/her holiday. It will not be tolerated if the teachers attend meetings/rallies during classes. It will also not be tolerated if the teachers remain absent in school, but later on sign present on the registers.

The District Inspector and Administration has been asked to monitor it. If the instructions are not followed, then the salaries of those teachers will be deducted.

On November 25, WB Trinamool Primary Education Samiti has called for a convention. According to the minister, he said that he informed the teachers to attend meetings on their holidays. On this basis, the decision for a convention on Sunday was taken.