If You Have Street Food Cravings, These Are The Places To Hover


Food fondness is an integral part of a Bong’s life. Though demarcated in various levels, street food has always paved its way and firmed its place.

Going beyond the chop, singara and eternal love for mishti, we are here to provide you with some hotspots of Kolkata street food.

Vivekananda Park: If your Phuchka cravings are on the go, Vivekananda park is your place. With a wide variety of Phuchkas, Churmur(mashed potatoes in spices and crunchy papris), Ghughni( boiled chickpeas cooked in spices), this stretch of street is always thronged by foodies.vivekananda-park-phuchka

Tiretta Bazar: The area near Lalbazar is inhabitated by Tibetans and Chinese, often hailed as the Old China Town will offer you heavenly delights of Tibetan cuisine. Dumplings, Thukpas, Momos, Soup, Noodles are mostly the items available. Try out the Pork dumplings, Shrimp Wafers, and Fish Balls In Soup. But make sure to reach the place before 8 in the morning, as it offers daybreak delights only.tiretta-bazar

Chitto Da’s: The small eatery in Dacres’ Lane in Esplanade is always bustling with office goers. Chicken Stew With Toast is hailed as the comfort food and steaming plates fly away fast. The hangout in the cringy lane ages years back. You can also try out Fish Chop and Chicken Pakora.chitto-da

Maharani: The sweet and spicy savoury shop near Deshapriya Park is known for its freshly fried Kochuris(fried Puris) and Jalebis. Kochuri, Jilipi be a Bong’s prime favourite for round-the-clock snack. Samosas  with Ginger Tea are a quick wrap-up if you are in a hurry. You can often spot a celeb or two if you are lucky.maharani-kochuri

Hot Kathi Rolls, Kusum’s, Nizam’s: Frankies for the rest of the country, ‘Rolls’ for Bengalis. Succulent pieces of meat wrapped in parathas is for the fast food gratification. Double Egg, Chicken, Mutton, Paneer-they come in various forms but in same shapes. While in every other bylane of Kolkata one such food joint can be spotted, these are the epitome of these delicacies.hot-kathi-roll

Vardhaan Market: This lane in Camac Street always sees a mad rush  for its Chillas(pancakes), Pav Bhaji, Shrikand(sweetened milk). Ghughnis, Phuchkas, Cheese sandwiches will also give you company. Even former British PM David Cameron once praised its ‘Lentil cakes’(Dal Vadas).vardhaan-market