Stranded mountaineers airlifted in three choppers


Kathmandu: The mountaineers who were stranded for two days in the high altitudes of Mount Everest were air lifted on Monday following the deadly earthquake which was followed by Avalanche.

The mountaneers were rescued in three helicopters from Camp One and Camp Two of the world’s highest peak after the avalanche killed 18 people at the Everest Base Camp.

Nearly 150 climers were stranded since their roads were blocked by slabs of ice and snow brought down by the avalanche

Tourism Department Chief Tulsi Gautam said, “We have deployed three helicopters today to bring down the climbers from Camp one and two to the base camp. They are safe but we need to bring them, down because part of the route is damaged.

Scores of climbers have already been rescued including the seriously injured climbers at the base camp. According to sources, there were more than 800 climbers at different altitudes of the Everest when the avalanche hit the area along with several earthquakes.

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