‘Stop This Hatred’ Debajyoti Mishra On Hatred Row


Kolkata: Composer Debajyoti Mishra, who has worked in various projects involving Pakistani artistes, is dead against war between the two neighbouring nations. He also doesn’t support the concept of cancelling programmes of Pakistani artistes in India and hates the way the likes of Fawad Khan had to return following threats.

Said Mishra, “I am against war and bloodshed. Who gains out of it? Not the common man on the street. When I heard about the surgical operations, I wondered if this is a way of our government saying that we are capable of real action and not just verbal attacks!”

Kashmir, Mishra said, is an old issue. “Even the 12th century text of ‘Rajtarangi’ had mentioned the social political tension in Kashmir. It was written by Kalhana. Few realise that the Kashmir issue has nothing to do with 1947 and the Partition.”

Mishra has recently worked with Shafqat Amanat Ali for a thumri album. Earlier on, he had scored the music for “Ramchand Pakistani” which had three songs by Shafqat – ‘Phir wahi rastein’ and ‘Allah Megh De’. Even Suman Mukhopadhyay’s “Chaturanga” had a number by Shafqat. “I have been to Pakistan and experienced the warmth of the people there,” said he, adding that he is extremely sad with the recent cancellation of Shafqat’s Bangalore concert. “Stop this hatred.

I am ready to welcome Shafqat to my house in Kolkata. I want him to come and sing. I want Ghulam Ali saab to travel to India. I want Rahat to come down. Fighting terrorism is one thing but blocking artistes is no solution,” he said.

On being told that many question why Pakistani artistes are often silent in protesting acts of state-sponsored terrorism, Mishra said, “When I have spoken to the artistes in private, they all condemn terrorism. But artistes are very vulnerable.

I can understand that it isn’t easy for them to speak about all this in public. Haven’t we seen how even in our own country Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan have faced the flak for speaking their mind?” he asked. Pakistani artistes, Mishra said, might be equally vulnerable if they want to protest in public. “But I know for a fact that they don’t support terrorism,” he concluded.

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