Stone Exportation Not Resumed After LS Poll, Says Agitated Traders


Malda: Centering the Lok Sabha Election 2019, Police and administration halted stone exportation in Malda district which has not resumed after the election on April 23. Following the situation, the Mahadipur Exporters Association traders decided to stop other goods exportation and to go for strong movement.

The International trading point of Mahadipur closed for past one month which has a strong impact on the businessmen. The association said that all the traders faced huge economical problem.

As per the traders, stone exportation stopped for last one month based on an order of district administration. But they did not lift the order. Presently, Englishbazar police barring them from stone exportation.

The Joint Secretary of Mahadipur Exporters Association, Tapan Kumar Das said that, a bridge under construction on Padma river which involving continuous supply of stones. At least 200 trucks of stones supplied on everyday basis to Bangladesh which is eighty two lakh rupee in Indian money which is benificial for both, the India government and people who are involved in the trade too.

The inspector-in-charge of Englishbazar police, Santunu Mitra said that, the exporters are not talking right. In case of the exporting, police has no role to play. Denying the businessmen allegation on police, police said that, it is not policemen concern to look into these matters. Traffic issues will be take care by police.