Stolen Objects Of School Found, Miscreant Arrested


Jalpaiguri: A group of goons attacked Jalpaiguri high School’s computer room on Saturday. Before filing a complaint, police recovered belongings cost lakh. Gopal Das has been arrested in connection to the incident.

Reportedly, belongings like fan, plate for mid-day-meal, trophies, a music set, bells have been stolen from the school. The Kotowali police was on duty in that area and noticed the incident at that time. So the group tried to escape the place and caught in the eyes of police. The person got arrested and belongings recovered from the place.

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But many members of the team has escaped the place. Police has interrogated the person. The role of the police was a question for the residents of Jalpaiguri.

The president of the Jalpaiguri High School said, “We thank police for their active role. We got back all the belongings of school from Kotowali police.”