Stockbroker Murders Wife, Burns Her In Front Of Child


Hyderabad:  A stockbroker in Hyderabad allegedly murdered his wife, chopped up her body and tried to burn it on Monday evening.

Late at night, Rupesh Kumar Agarwal, 35, allegedly stuffed the body parts in a suitcase. According to the police, he took it in his SUV and, along with his five-year-old daughter, went to a village area to burn the body using petrol.

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Villagers saw smoke in the bushes and grew suspicious. Mr Agarwal was caught when his SUV got stuck in slush. He has been arrested by the police in the city’s Cyberabad area.

The police say he butchered his wife Cynthia, who is from Congo, over a financial dispute. The two were married for eight years.

After a fight on Monday morning, Mr Agarwal allegedly throttled his wife.