‘Sting Master’ Mathew Samuel Resigns From Narada News Portal


Kolkata: Narada CEO Mathew Samuel resigns from his post on Wednesday which he held in Narada India Media Pvt Ltd. The Narada news portal is under Narada India Media Pvt Ltd. He sent his resignation letter to the managing board member of the company through e-mail. Reportedly it is said that the board members have accepted his resignation.

Angel Tonsyn Abraham, the Chief Administrative Officer of the company, along with Matthew, have also resigned.

Mathew Samuel told to Kolkata24x7, that an organization was supposed to invest in Narada News Portal. And Mathew held an important position in that organization.

নারদা নিউজ পোর্টাল থেকে পদত্যাগ করলেন ম্যাথু স্যামুয়েল

But after the sting operation footage of the TMC grassroot leaders was exposed, the agency lagged behind in investing, that led to the dismantling of the said organization. And this is the reason for which Mathew has resigned from his post.

As per sources, although Mathew Samuel has resigned from his post of CEO from Narada India Media Pvt Ltd but he hasn’t resigned from the Dubai organization of Narada. He will supervise the Dubai portal from India.

A news portal from south India claimed that Narada News Portal had recently suffered severe financial downturn. Mathew failed to give his employees proper salary. Allegedly many were forced to quit their job. Based on these allegations case has been filed against Mathew. He had to appear in the court due to all these cases.

Due to all these allegations the organization was losing it’s reputation. That is why board members were putting pressure on Mathew.

So, Mathew was forced to resign from his post, claimed the News Portal. Even after his resignation, it is allegedly said that Mathew has kept many valuable assets of the company with him.

In context, Mathew exposed the TMC grassroot leaders ‘bribe’ sting operation footage through the Narada news portal to the nation. Based on which the CBI and the ED are investigating the case, CBI and ED have also summoned TMC ministers and MPs and.

But several questions are arising due to Mathews’s resignation from this organization. Is there any political pressure behind the ‘sting master’ Mathew Samuel’s resignation? But Mathew was unavailable to answer on this.

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