Steve Jobs Didn’t Wear A Watch & The Reason Makes You Aww


Cupertino: Apple makes a smart watch called Apple Watch. But we aren’t sure that if Jobs was alive today he would have been wearing one. Reason: he didn’t wear watch and he explained the reason to his daughter when she asked him why he didn’t follow other “fancy men” who flaunted expensive watches on their wrists.

One trait all genius inventors and technologists have in common apart from their outlandish ideas is their equally bizarre beliefs and habits. While Henry Ford was famous for his peculiar diet consisting of weed sandwiches, Albert Einstein never wore socks in his life as he considered them unnecessary. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, on the other hand, shunned away watches his entire life.

His daughter recently explained the aversion Jobs had to watches. Lisa Brennan-Jobs writes in her memoir Small Fry about an answer she got from Jobs when she asked him about watches.

It was around the time when she was in fourth grade that her mother, Chrisann Brennan, was admitted into the California College of Arts and Crafts, which was located in San Francisco. While she was working to get her bachelor’s degree, Jobs offered to take care of their daughter. “My father offered to take me on Wednesday nights, the only night of the week she had class,” Brennan-Jobs wrote in her book.

On the morning after spending her first ‘Wednesday night’ at her father’s place, Lisa was curious about his home and about him. “Why don’t you wear a watch?” she asked the next morning. Fancy men wore watches.”

How Jobs responded to her question is indeed surprising but more importantly, it gives us a glimpse into the mind and mindset of the man who created one of the most iconic companies. “I don’t want to be bound by time,” he told his daughter.

Many inventors and technocrats, including Jobs himself, adopt habits that save time by reducing the decisions that they have to make daily. But it seems, the decision of not wearing a watch for Jobs was about not having a painful reminder of what he (and everyone else) was losing every moment — time.

Interestingly, while Jobs renounced watches all his life, Apple went on to launch its own smartwatches a few years ago. The tech giant recently launched Apple Watch Series 4, which comes with some pretty advanced features such as fall detection and electrocardiogram (EKG) to monitor heart health.