Stephen Hawking’s Funeral, To Placed Beside Sir Newton


London: Professor Stephen Hawking, who died at his residence in West Cambridge on March 14, will have his funeral on Saturday.

About 500 invited families, friends and colleagues will attend the private reception to be held at University Church Great St Mary’s. “The funeral service will be attended by his family, invited friends and colleagues,” the university said in a statement.

With no public access to the church, common people are expected to assemble outside the church during the funeral process. “This is a private service and no-one without an invitation will be allowed entrance to the church before or during the funeral service,” read the university statement.

Professor Stephen Hawking Passes Away At 76

Professor Hawking’s ashes will be buried next to the grave of legendary British scientist Sir Isaac Newton, who also died in March 1727. Traffic movement will be closed in some parts of Cambridge during the passing of the ceremonial procession.

Stephen Hawking who suffered from motor neurone disease, left the world in severe mourning after his death. He was aged 76 during the time of his demise.