Stepdad Cricketers Who Shares Beautiful Bonds With Their Stepchildren


New Delhi: There’s a stigma attached to the word ‘stepfather’. He is the evil man who can never be a selfless father or a real father to his stepchildren. But, is it really wise to shun him away just because he is a stepfather? While it’s true that many kids have had an estranged relationship with their stepdads, there are some who have shared an exceptional bond with their step-fathers.

Many of the famous cricketers in our country are step parents and playing their role quite beautifully. Here’s a look at some of the cricketers stepdads who have done everything to blend with the bond that is not biological, but one that has to be nurtured.

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#Anil Kumble

When spinner Anil Kumble married Chetana Ramatheertha, he also adopted Aaruni, Chetana’s daughter from her first marriage with Kumar Jahgirdar. Anil Kumble even gave his surname to his step-daughter Aaruni.

For many of you who don’t know, Anil Kumble’s wife had to battle for custody of her young daughter from her ex-husband, which was definitely a tough time for them as a family. During those times, he stood firmly by his wife to gain custody of his step-daughter Aaruni. He was even appreciated by the court on his decision to give Aaruni the best of care, affection and education.

Take a look at what Anil Kumble had promised the court to get full custody of Aaruni:
“Extend the same love to the child and cooperation to the natural parents as he has been doing throughout in the past so that the child gets the best of care, affection and education for her proper upbringing.”

On International Women’s Day, despite being busy, he didn’t forget to wish his daughters Svasti and Aaruni, as well as his wife:

‘They’ve been a constant support throughout! Blessed to have them around!’After his marriage, Anil Kumble and Chetana had two more kids, Mayas and Svasti, but for them, Aaruni will always be their eldest child. Although Kumble keeps his children away from the limelight, glimpses of him travelling together with his wife and kids, including Aaruni can be seen on his social media account. He is a hands-on dad and just like any other father, his tone takes a pride when he mentions Aaruni or his other kids.

#Shikhar Dhawan

Whether it’s his marriage to the Anglo-Indian beauty, Ayesha or his relationship with his stepdaughters, he has been giving us some serious family goals. Shikhar met Ayesha on Facebook and love blossomed between the two, they even got engaged in a private ceremony in 2009. But, they waited till 2012 to take the wedding vows for more than one reason.While Shikhar needed to concentrate on his cricketing career, he also had to focus on his relationship with Ayesha’s daughters from first marriage – Rhea and Aliyah. In three years, Shikhar not only got a firm footing in the Indian cricket team, but also bonded well with his to-be stepdaughters. He didn’t have many problems in hitting it off with his daughters as he explained in an interview:“It wasn’t difficult at all. Johcheezkudrat se hotihaiwohekdumaapkizindagimein dhal jaatihain.Meri kismet meinthimeri do betiyaan, tohwohekdum se merizindagimeinaagayi. It just clicked. Today, the way they love me, I feel so fortunate.”

A quick look at Shikhar Dhawan’s social media accounts would convince you of his parenting skills. Whenever he is not travelling or playing on the field, he dedicates all his free time to his three kids taking them to parks, riding a pony, going to the gym or having meals with them. And even though his family lives in Australia, he makes it a point to be physically present with his daughters for birthdays and special occasions. That’s really sweet of him!

And just like any other father, he loves to show off his daughters’ talents. For instance, he could not help sharing his younger daughter Aliyah’s gymnastic skills.

During his recent match in England, the handsome cricketer took to social networking site Instagram, and posted a picture of his daughters and son with a beautiful caption that showed how much he missed being with them.