Statue ‘Purification’ Starts By Barrackpore BJP Unit

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Barrackpore: After a group of ultra-Left students vandalised a statue of BJP ideologue Syama Prasad Mookerjee in Kolkata, West Bengal BJP Unit is in a mission to ‘Purify’ statue on Friday.

The statue of Syama Prasad Mookherjee in Barrackpore is being purified by the Barrackpore BJP leader Ahindra Nath Basu. The Saffron party activists starts purification to cleanse the statue of Mookherjee with milk and Ganga-jal (water from the Ganga). They tried to advance in small busts, sporadically.

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The BJP’s youth supporters were singled out, chased and beaten up by “locals”. The politics of vandalism gripped sreerampore’s busiest stretch for two hours on Friday afternoon as rival party supporters chased and assaulted each other, crippling traffic and business.

There was a scuffle between youth Trinamool supporters and BJP youth wing members in front of the statue. One carrying water from the Hooghly and the other containing the mixture of card, cow milk, cow urine and honey meant for the consecration of the bust .

Though Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee condemned the act and said it is not the culture of Bengal. Statues of political figures were attacked in several parts of the country since the demolition of a statue of Communist icon Vladimir Lenin in Tripura on Monday.

Kolkata police promptly arrested those attacked the statue of Jan Sangh founder on Wednesday.Kolkata Police arrested seven students including a woman for the vandalism. A court sent them to jail custody for two days.

“Some may support Lenin, some may support Ho Chi Minh, some may support Karl Marx, some may support Syama Prasad Mookerjee. One may not agree with them, but why should anyone show disrespect to them,” said Mamata Banerjee.