Statue Distortion: Matadin Balmiki Statue Vandalised In Barrackpore


Barrackpore: Miscreants have vandalised freedom fighter Matadin Balmiki’s statue in dense dark in Barrackpore. The incident has agitated North 24 Pargana Balmik Organisation of Barrackpore.

Statue vandalising became a disease since the last few months. It is bringing back those memories after an short interval. Balmiki is a pride of Barrackpopre as they do respect the courage of the martyred. The statue was made to co memorate the his contribution to freedom fight.

এবার স্বাধীনতা সংগ্রামীর মূর্তি ভাঙল বারাকপুরে

The statue has been vandalised on Wednesday. The supporters have badly criticized the incident. Thyey organised a candle rally in protest of the incident on Wednesday. They raised voice in demand of arrest of the miscreants.

Barrackpore Police started an investigation and nobody has been arrested till now. Locals are agitated on the issue.