‘Centre Trying To Bulldoze Autonomy Of States’


Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Saturday slammed the Modi government over a whole host of issues. Alleging that the Centre was trying to bulldoze the opinion of the state, Mamata said, “In the name of cooperative federalism, opinion of States are being bulldozed. This is dictatorship. This is against spirit of Constitution. Centre is not taking States on board.”

“We have never faced such discrimination before. Is the Centre following Presidential form of government? Where is federalism?” she asked.

Blaming Modi for the turmoil in Kashmir, Mamata termed Modi’s diplomacy as a “disaster”. “Pakistan issue has become worse because of Centre’s failure,” she said.

Alleging interference in the functioning of state governments, Mamata said, “Centre is behaving unilaterally. Does the Centre want to control how States spend their Budget money? They want to monitor the activities of State Treasury.”

“I have never seen a more arrogant Central Government. Do they want to do away with State governments?” she asked.

Mamata said the Central projects were being named after Prime Minister even though the States are being made to bear a major part of the project cost. “If States pay most of the funds, why should the schemes be named after leaders of the ruling party in Centre?” she questioned.

Mamata said she would write to the President to register her protest. She also appealed to other state governments to raise their voice against the Centre’s discrimination. “We will approach the President of India about the Centre’s undue interference in the business of States. Federal structure is being bulldozed by the unilateral, arbitrary action of Centre. Is the Centre trying to replace federal structure with Presidential system of governance?”

Mamata said, time had come to limit the role of the Centre in the overall governance of the country. “I believe apart from Finance, Rail, Defence and External Affairs, Centre should not have any other subject in its jurisdiction,” she said, adding that only strong state could make a nation strong.