‘State Took Action Against SMH Meerza’


Kolkata: The state has already initiated disciplinary proceedings against SMH Meerza, the commanding officer, Special Striking Force, Barrackpore, who was reportedly caught on Narada tapes, allegedly accepting cash.

আদালতের রায় পেয়ে ‘নারদ নারদ’ করে ময়দানে সূর্য-অধীর-রাহুল

It is, however, not clear if the action was taken before Friday, when the HC directed to take action against Meerza within a week and consider suspending him, according to service rules.

Senior officials said while the HC directive to initiate proceedings was binding on the state—it has reportedly already taken such a step—the decision to suspend him was left to the home department’s discretion. Officers facing an inquiry are usually suspended to avoid external influences. State sources, however, declined to explain the charges.

Meerza remained unavailable for comment. State advocate-general Kishore Dutta, who represented him, also declined to speak on the matter.