Assam TMC President Resigns On Mamata’s ‘Whimsical’ Attitude


Silchar: The running contention on National Registers Of Citizen (NRC) and Assam National Registers Of Citizen (ANRC) between Mamata Banerjee and Assam TMC camp resulted alienation.

The Assam President of Trinamool Dipen Pathak has been resigned from his designation following disagreement on several issues and ‘whimsical’ attitude of TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee.

On the other hand, Dipen Pathak along with two TMC leaders have left Trinamool. Diganta Saikia and Pradip Panchni. The contribution was important to strenghthen TMC. Talking to the media they said, “Mamata has no specific take on NRC issue. She is making ‘whimsical’ comment on NRC.”

“What Mamata Banerjee said about NRC, that it has been brought in Assam to drive out Bengalis, I don’t agree with that. It might create disturbance here & the blame would be on me as a pres, so I’ve resigned from the post,” Dwipen Pathak said after resigning from Assam TMC Chief’s post.

Now, in this situation such resignations can put TMC in a sinking state where the fight will turn a bit more troublesome.

Dipen Pathak commented when facing media, Mamata Banerjee not being practical on NRC. She is far away from the facts and figures of Assam. Her statements can disstabilize India and put Assam in more critical condition.

This is quite obvious that in the ongoing situation it will stand a blow to TMC. It lost the acquired base of TMC in Assam. But the local TMC leadership don’t agree with the entire thing. On the other hand they have brought set of allegation against BJP. They also criticised the nuisance happened with TMC at Silchar Airport.

The National Registers of Citizen has came out with a list where 40 lakh people have been excluded. But there’s nothing to get worried for rest of the people.