State Govt To Set Up Welfare Boards For Matua, Namasudra Communities


Kolkata: The Bangla Government has decided to set up development boards for the Matua and Namasudra communities. There is a large a section of people from the communities in the State and setting up of the welfare boards will be of great support to them.

The names of the two boards will be West Bengal Namasudra Welfare Board and West Bengal Matua Welfare Board. The chairperson and members of the welfare boards will be decided by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

The decision to set up the boards has been taken for socio-economic development of the communities. With the setting up of the welfare boards, there will be need specific development work. The boards will also ensure better implementation of the government’s developmental projects.

This is the first time when any State Government has taken such a step for the development of the communities.