State Govt To Set Football Themed Fish Stalls During Durga Puja

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Kolkata: Every Bengalis can relate themselves with the love for fish. Even the Bengalis are synonymous with their love for football. Then, there is the Under-17 World Cup and Durga Puja at the doorsteps. Combining all these interests, the State Fisheries Development Corporation (SFDC) has decided to open stalls.

The stalls would be set up at a few prominent pandals , Lebutala Park, Lake Town, Durga Puja organised by women in Tollygunge, Baghbazar and a few other places. Both cooked and uncooked items would be available.

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The stalls would have a football-themed decor – a picture of a stadium, green grass, gallery and players’ dressing room. Each would have three divisions, in going with the three giants of the Maidan, and of Indian football as well – Mohun Bagan, East Bengal and Mohammedan Sporting.

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The menu in each of these spaces would be themed on the food associated with the clubs – chingri (prawns) associated with Mohun Bagan, ilish (hilsa) associated with East Bengal mughlai cuisine with Mohammedan Sporting. In concurrence with the 11 players in a team, each menu would have 11 items.

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SFDC also has grand plans to open restaurants selling various delicious fish dishes as well as frozen fish in cities across India which have big Bengali populations. Bengaluru and Ranchi are first on the list. From January, Delhi, Jodhpur and Bilaspur are expected to be added to the list.

Source: All India Trinamool Congress