State Govt Plans To Build Another Market Instead Of Bagri Market


Kolkata: West Bengal Urban Development minister Firhad Hakim on Monday told that a new market will be build as a substitute of Bagri market in future. He announced on his visit on Monday.

Though government is not responsible for Bagri market accident as it not a public property. Firhad Hakim went to the spot on Monday and announced a plan like this. He said, “We will make a urban project. A meeting will be in few days at Nabanna. In the urban project shop will be separate and the god down too. So everythimh wiill be fast.”

What will happen to the burnt building ? Ansewering to the question, Hakim said that, “I entered the building. It is in a dangrous situation. Another two days will be enough to put off the fire. Smoke first go fast then we will think about the building .” But no specific deadline has been fixed.

Chief Minister after the Majerhat collapse announced that the entire bridge will be demolished and people will get a new bridge. Everybody questioned their role government. Negligence in maintenance caused such situation.