State Govt Firming Up Plans For Fish Tourism


Kolkata: Bengalis are synonymous with being fish-eaters. Keeping that in mind, the State Government is firming up plans to set up a fish tourism circuit. And not just Bengalis, anyone can partake of delicious fish dishes to be served as part of tours.

The State Fisheries Development Corporation (SFDC) is preparing the blueprint for the tourism circuit. The circuit would centre around the hotels run by SFDC in places like Digha, Udaypur, Henry Island, Bishnupur, Jamunadighi and Siliguri.

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A typical tour would consist of a two days-one night package, with fish as the focal theme – be it food or sightseeing. And fish dishes to be served would comprise the traditional favourites of Bengalis as well as newly-introduced varieties in the state like chanos (also called milkfish), pompano, cobia (all marine fishes) and vannamei (a type of shrimp).

The fish tourism circuit would begin functioning with tours to Digha.
Salient points:

• Air-conditioned luxury buses would take tourists to the SFDC-run hotels (from Kolkata, in the case of Digha).
• Lunch and dinner would consist of a range of fish dishes, cooked both in the Bengali as well as in foreign styles.
• Supper would consist of fish pakoda or fish fry, along with coffee.
• After lunch, films where fish is the focal theme, like Ganga and Padma Nadir Majhi, would be shown.
• During the evening, the hotel would arrange fishing trips.
• Early morning the next day, the guests would be taken to bheris or fish farms to watch live huge fishes being caught for commercial exploitation.
• After coming back to the hotel, breakfast would be served, which would consist of fish kachori, fish sandwich or fish-stuffed paratha.
• Breakfast would be followed by sightseeing (to places like Mandarmani and Talsari, in the case of the Digha tour).
• Coming back, lunch would be served, again consisting of a huge fish spread.
• Later, the tourists would be taken back home/to their bases aboard the luxury buses.