State Govt Employees To Fight For DA Yet Again


Kolkata: State government employees faces DA issue yet again. In the meantime, the case related to the state government employees’ dearness allowance (DA) has been filed in the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) for hearing. According to the case filed by the Employees’ Organization Confederation of State Government on Monday, the organization will ‘Mention’ the case and ask for more time for the hearing of the case.

Reportedly, the Calcutta High Court has given a historic verdict few days ago on state government DA case. The income that goes on behalf of the state government employees only. The court said on its directive, “DA” is the legal rights of state government employees. The state government is obliged to give it.

However, without giving any direction to the state government, the matter was sent back to the State Administrative Tribunal. It known that now the case has been registered with SAT. Today, on behalf of the applicants of the state government employees the matter will be appealed to state.