State Govt Announces ‘Half Day Leave’ On ‘Jamai Sasthi’


Kolkata: The West Bengal government announced on Tuesday, a half-day holiday on ‘Jamai Sasthi’ for all the dedicated son-in laws.

Just like the previous year, the Mamata Banerjee-led government announced for a half-day leave on June 10 which is scheduled to be celebrated as the Bengali Jamai’s (son-in law) much awaited Jamai Sasthi. All the government employees would be able to enjoy this priviledge.

According to bangla ponjika: Jamai Shasti is dedicated to the son-in-law and is observed mainly in Bengal. Jamai sasthi in West Bengal is a popular festival. It is observed on the sixth day during the Shukla Paksha (Waxing Phase of moon) in the month of Jaishto (May – June) in Bengal. In many regions, Goddess Sashti is worshipped on the day for the well being of the children. On this day, Bengal’s son-in laws wait to enjoy delicious sumptuous meals prepared mainly by their mother-in laws.