State Dismisses DSP Of North 24 Pargana


Barrackpore: As a outcome of Amdanga chaos, DSP headquarter of North 24 Pargana Kalyan Kumar Roy has been transferred. The new person elected is Shubhasish Roy. Bhabani Bhaban issued a notice on Friday.

Three persons were killed and around six critically injured in a clash between TMC and CPM workers over the formation of panchayat boards in Amdanga, North 24 Parganas, late on Tuesday night. On Thursday, police again recovered a large cache of crude bombs.

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Police raids started in the area from Wednesday night. After the Tuesday violation, police recovered 500 fresh crude bombs till Thursday morning. There are still many bombs scattered in the streets of Amdanga, lying beside the ground. Bomb squad is also present at the area. They started work to dispose bombs. The huge police force is patrolling the village.

Some police officers including Amdanga OC were removed. Police have arrested 11 people, including Ahmed Ali Khan, a member of CPM committee of North 24 Parganas district. The setting up of the three gram panchayats has suspended for the indefinite period until the peace in the village is not returned.

Violence was largely reported in Taraberia, Moricha and Bodai gram panchayat areas. The process of forming panchayat boards in all three areas has been suspended temporarily. Bombs were hurled and bullets were fired again Thursday evening. Police sources said workers of both parties hurled crude bombs and shot at each other.

The chaos over panchayat board formation became exotic in Amdanga of North 24 Pargana. On Wednesday morning, panchayat board formation in three panchayat has been ceased followed by increasing turmoil and other related destructive consequences. Administration said the halt will remain in Taraberia, Maricha, Bodai panchayat till the situation became normal.

The officer-In-charge of Amdanga Manas Das has been transferred. The new OC is Tushar Kanti Biswas. The villagers expressed apprehension over residing in the village. So many people have already started to leave the village after the incident with their family. Reportedly, police could not enter the place on Tuesday midnight. And they have been hindered from entering the place.

Three people including two Trinamool Congress worker and one CPM worker lost life amid the bombing. Several series of bomb pelting occurred throughout Tuesday night. At least twenty two person have been injured in the clash.