State-Central Denying Responsibility In Education: ABUTA


Kolkata: All Bengal University Teachers Association(ABUTA) Jadavpur branch has opposed the decision taken by University Grant Commission Graded Autonomy. The ABUTA members have joined the protest beside the ongoing cease-work.

Allegedly, Central Government is continuing their underground process of commercialisation and privatisation of education. In protest of that ABUTA had called for one day cease-work in university on Friday.

শিক্ষায় দায়ভার প্রত্যাহার করছে রাজ্য-কেন্দ্র: আবুটা

The members have burnt effigy of Graded Autonomy. JUTA and All India Teacher Association have joined them in the protest.

Not only opposing graded autonomy. ABUTA have opposed many decision of central and state government. The organisation said, government has to leave which goes against the norms against education. Administration has to take measure if necessary. Not only one day cease-work if necessary the it will continue in future.