State Budget on Feb 27


Kolkata: The state budget will be submitted on Feb 27, a day prior to the central budget. In general, the state budget is generally submitted after the submission of the central budget. Now at such a juncture, why the state budget will appear before the people a day before the central budget, has raised quite a few question in the political sphere of the state.

The economic and the financial sphere of the state expected the budget to come out in March, getting a feel of the tax and other factors related to the economy.

The oppositions of the state government were seen surprised by the hasty decision taken by Mamata Banerjee. From Suryakanta Misra to Manash Bhuiya, all have expressed their astonishment regarding the issue.

However, on special occasions like that of elections, the ‘vote on account’ takes place and the state budget is placed before the central budget.