State BJP Charged News Portal Due To Malign Mukul Roy


Kolkata: At present, no other politician has caught so much attention in Bengal and drawn diverse reactions as Mukul Roy. The news “Mamata’s Key Aide Mukul Roy May Rejoin TMC” published on the web portal of a renowned national daily.

মুকুল নাকি ফের তৃণমূলে, সংবাদ মাধ্যমকে rejoinder পাঠালো বিজেপি

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The state BJP has reacted sharply on this issue. A letter by State BJP was send to the editor of the news portal. State BJP demands an apology within 48 hours and requested to remove the news from the portal, otherwise they threatend that they’ll lodge a defamation case.

The representative of the State BJP wrote that the news is baseless and politically motivated. The report does not have any relations with the party. It’s a fake news. Mukul Roy is a member of the BJP’s National Executive Committee. This report has certainly tarnished the image of Mukul Roy.

The letter further added, of course the media has the freedom of speech and expression but freedom does not mean the right to cater false news. Recently the web media has been engaged in misinformation and disinformation. According to the State BJP, the alleged web portal tried to malign Mukul Roy by posting fake news.

Mukul Roy joined the BJP in November 2017. The central BJP leadership happy with his performance in the Panchayat elections. After that he also got membership of the National Executive Committee.

No response has been received from the media yet. The news has been removed after receiving the letter.