State BJP Announces Mukul Roy As Panchayat Elections Committee Head

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Kolkata: It is the season for mango buds known as “mukul” in Bengali but its whiff has taken over Bengal politics. There is excitement for Mukul Roy, of having to start from scratch and prove himself, after having been inducted into the BJP recently. Not just that, he faces the disappointment of friends-turned-foes.

Mukul’s fate now turned the table. He proved himself. Mukul Roy on Saturday selected as the Panchayat election committe head on the presence of state zbengal BJP observer Kailash Vijayvargiya and general secretary Sibhprakash. After getting post from state BJP, the one time TMC’s chankya Mukul alleged that ruling party looted votes in 2013 election and threaten opponent party not to submit nomination.

Roy added, he already knew that ruling party started work to stop nomination of others party. They created panic among booths. But Dilip Ghosh added fuel into Roy’s statement and said that all panchayat’s member are thief and started working with people.

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Barbing at Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, BJP state president Dilip Ghosh already said ‘she is queen of thieves. She should not deliver tall talks on honesty.’ Now he told all panchayat’s are den of thieves.

Ghosh continued that common people accepted BJP as their main opponent party now and TMC must remember that the battle will not end in booth, we will take them to the cremation ground.

State education Minister Partha Chatterjee dismissed Dilip Ghosh’s statement and said that they talked too much, we do not care about that.