State Bank Employees On Indefinite Hunger Strike

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Kolkata: The members of the State Bank of India Officers’ Association and State Bank of India Staff Association have started an indefinite hunger strike on Tuesday.

A decision was taken to transfer important departments like Indian State Bank’s balance sheet, provident fund, gratuity and family pension from Kolkata. The Bank employees are protesting against this decision. The protest is underway at Russel Street’s bank in front of the Central Accounts.

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According to the statement released by both the organisations jointly, “From 1928, all important works of the bank have been done at Kanakariya Centre 2/1, Russel Street office. The entire balance sheet work of the state bank is done from this office. Apart from this, important departments like provident fund, gratuity and family pension will be transferred as per latest decision. For this the workers are angry. They are saying that they will not accept the decision to transfer these important departments from Kolkata where all banking services actually started.”

The protesting workers said that they had several times informed the bank authority on this but they did not listen. Hence, their decision for an indefinite hunger strike.