Starvation Kills 3 Bengal Sisters In National Capital


New Delhi: A woman in Delhi took her three little daughters to a hospital,where the doctors declared them dead on Tuesday. Three children were identified as Mansi (8), Shikha (4) and Parul (2).When the police asked the mother about the reason of death of the children she only mammered “Give me food…,” nearly collapsing.

It has been reported that the children did not eat for eight days.The three children had died of hunger, reported the doctors after their initial examination.Reportedly,there was no trace of fat on their bodies. Postmortem showed the stomach was absolutely empty.According to national media report on Monday night, they went into shock. A second autopsy has confirmed that they had starved to death.”In my career of 15 years at a government hospital, never have I seen something like this,” said a doctor.

This incident of starvation leading to death in the national capital, which has the country’s second-highest income,has shaken the whole nation.And the only Indian state that has reacted on this matter and condemned the incident is Bengal. Because the bereaved family hails from Bengal. Who moved into Mandawali in east Delhi on Saturday with a friend of the deceased children’s father,said their neighbours.Their father, a rickshaw-puller, has been missing since. The girls’ mother looked “mentally unsound”, the police said.

Inside the room that the family had stayed for the past three days, a forensic team found some medicine bottles, pills for diarrhoea and little else.