Stampede At Santragachi Station: CM Mamata Reaches Spot, Announce 2 Dead & 14 Injured


Howrah:West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has reached the spot at Santragachi and announces two dead and nearly fourteen people have been injured after a stampede broke out at crowded Santragachhi railway station on Tuesday. After that she also reached to the Howrah hospital to see the injured.

The stampede occurred around 6 p.m. when the commuters hurriedly tried to cross the foot overbridge between two platforms following an announcement of two trains coming simultaneously on two adjacent tracks, a senior South Eastern Railway official said.

Speaking to the media, she has announced one lakh for the injured people and five lakh to the deceased families who have lost their life in the accident.

Commuters rushed to board their respective trains passing over the only foot bridge that connected the three platforms. Hence, the stampede broke out.

Due to overcrowding on foot over bridge at Santragachhi railway station persons have became unconscious. They are being sent for treatment. RPF & GRP are at the spot. Situation is under control.

As per latest information received total patients admitted in hospital at are fourteen among whom two are female and twelve are male.

Three patients had minor injury so they were discharged after first aid. Eleven patients were shifted to hospital, out of them three persons are critical. Helpline and help-desk to be manned at Santragachhi and Howrah station.

Soumitra Majumdar, CPRO South Eastern Railways said, “At 6pm today, there was a heavy rush of passengers at the foot overbridge due to which fourteen people were injured and shifted to the health unit at Santragachi.

Three who sustained minor injuries were released while eleven were shifted to the Howrah general hospital. Medical teams were also rushed to the spot when the incident occurred.”

Helpline no. 032221072 (Kharagpur) 03326295561(Santragachi) For Santragachi incident [23/10, 8:32 p.m.] Parna K24x7: Helpline no. 032221072 (Kharagpur) 03326295561(Santragachi) For Santragachi incident.

This incident recalls the tragic incident of Mumbai Elphinstone station that took place on 2017. On the morning of 29 September 2017, around 10:30 am local time, a stampede erupted on a footbridge at the sub-urban Prabhadevi railway station, formerly known as Elphinstone station in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, which connects two of Mumbai’s major suburban lines. The overbridge of Elphinstone station was overcrowded and due to rain it got slippery too. This caused panic and resulted in the stampede.