St. Stephens can withstand 1000 more controversies: Thampu


New Delhi: Surrounded in the midst of controversies St. Stephens College Principal Valson Thampu has raised fresh controversy saying that no other institution in the world has been subjected to such “harassment” but it is strong enough to withstand 1000 other controversies.

There have been strong demands for his resignation ever since it came to light that he had tried to guard the professor accused of sexually harassing a research fellow in the college.

 He said, “The college has been subjected to a series of attacks. It is unparalleled in the history of education anywhere in the world that an institution has been attacked for such a long period for nothing.”

He added, “ Do not worry about the college, it is strong enough to stand a thousand ‘controversies’ so long it remains clean and pure in its soul.”

Mr Thampu was a student of St Stephen’s college and later served as a lecturer of the college and officiating principal. He took over as the principal of the college in 2008. He is due to retire from the post in February 2016.