SSM Fights For ‘Equal Pay For Equal Work’

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Kolkata:  The West Bengal Sarva Shiksha Mission (SSM) employees recently are battling for their rights. They are raising slogans in demand for ‘Equal Pay For Equal Work’.

‘Equal Pay For Equal Work’ raises some hope of overcoming the problem of receiving low salary of employees under SSM (SSA In Central).  SUPRATIM CHAKRABORTY, one of the employee of SSM, is leading the entire campaign in demand for their right.

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in the centre is a national programme for the Universalization of Elementary Education, which is also the main implementing agency of RTE act 2009 working with child right, child protection, learning enhancement programme like Building As Learning Aid, Children with special needs, Nutrition (providing Iron and Folic acid), Providing Albendazole Tablet, Providing Book and dress, Infrastructure development and so many important activities. SSA maintains the database of all students, teachers, and all educational indicators of all schools across the nation which is the ultimate statistical reference of Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. of India.

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All employees under SSA (SSM) who have been serving all above area with their dedication experience and expertise to build the nation, raise few questions to fulfill their demands. They enquire whether all are protected, with respect to social and economical security.

All the employees further ask that do they deserve any right to claim equal salary for performing the same duties as the regular staffs. They have also requested the higher authorities and ministries of West Bengal but they allege of not receiving any support except PF facilities.

They further add that they have not received any announcement for providing them with minimum remuneration, stability of their work, upto 60 years, for those few staffs who are engaged at the category of three years contract. They even complain of not providing them with any solution for equating their work with regular employees, which has resulted in receiving consolidated remuneration without any annual increment.

The employees of maximum District and CLRCs await for positive response from the authorities.