SSC Takes Big Decision On Teachers’ Recruitment In State


Kolkata: The School Service Commission (SSC) has taken a big decision in the recruitment of school teachers in the state. The government will be giving fresh appointment letters to 500 teachers.

The process of providing fress appointment letters to 500 teachers in the state will begin after Kali Puja. As per SSC, no one will lose their jobs. Only fresh appointment letters will be given to these teachers. Not only this, but the recruitment process of class 9-10 teachers which were stopped, will be started once again.

Several problems in recruitment of teachers came to limelight after the Dwarivit incident. The school education department held a meeting with SSC on this matter. It was decided in the meeting that teachers will be provided to the schools based on their requirements. But the appointment letters which were given had mistakes in it. Hence, fresh appointment letters will be given during recruitment where it will be clearly mentioned in which school they have been appointed. SSC also assured that no problems in their job will occur.