SSC Reappointed 95 Candidates


Kolkata: 95th teachers of the 9th, 10th, Eleventh and Twelfth grade divisions were reappointed in the recommendation of the SSC, the Secondary Education Board said on Thursday.

SSC chairman Soumitra Sarker said in the context, “This is not a new recruitment. Those who were given appointment letters were unable to join the job because their were not vacancies. So the vacancies have been made for them. They will be recruited there. “

After Darivit case, the government has stopped recruiting elsewhere. Government explained, the place where vacancies are vacant will be re-employed only after examining it. New recruitment system was introduced after Pujo. As a result, the recruitment process of about 500 teachers, who did not join the job after receiving the appointment letter, started their recruitment process now.

But later it is seen that the complexity remains in various cases. In many places the vacancies were not vacant for reappointment. After few days, these 95 people are being recruited. Despite the objections of the education ministry, the 95 people are being recruited, according to the Education Department.