SRK Makes Rush Hour Director Brett Ratner Do Lungi Dance


Los Angeles: Shah Rukh Khan attended the 60th San Francisco Film Festival on Saturday and the actor apart from entertaining the audience at the festival, danced to Lungi Dance and made Rush Hour director Brett Ratner dance to it as well.

SRK was being honoured specially at the festival. On the ocassion, he sat down with Brett Ratner for an in-depth chat.

When Shah Rukh Khan was asked how a Hindi film could be adapted for an international audience, SRK said that the dress code would need to be reinvented. Apart from this, the film would have to be edited short and some songs would have have to be left out. However, he added, the melodrama, traditions and emotions should be left untouched.

At one point, Brett Ratner said, “One day I want to make Rush Hour’s sequel in India with SRK in it.”

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