Asst. Secretary ‘Tumpai’ quits Mohun Bagan

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Kolkata: Srinjoy Bose quits Mohun Bagan post. As per reports, Srinjoy who is popularly known as Tumpai within the Mohun Bagan club, has resigned from the post of Assistant Secretary on Monday. Tumpai had resigned from the membership of TMC and also stepped down as the Rajya Sabha MP last Thursday.

According to reports, Srinjoy Bose has given his resignation letter to Anjan Mitra on Monday. Mohun Bagan has been  going through a flux in terms of trophy for the last four season. There had been voices from the supporters against the administrators. Now the exact reason for Srinjoy’s resignation is a debatable issue. But Tumpai has himself said that considering the present situation, he has stepped down.

Srinjoy Bose’s father, Swapan Sadhan Bose, who is popularly known as Tutu Bose, a TMC MP is known for his close associations with the Mohun Bagan club. The stepping down of his son has undoubtedly raised a question in the club premise with the annual elections in the cards. With Subrata Bhattacharya and Prasun Banerjee forming a stiff opposition against the ruling personalities, the stepping down of Tumpai is sure to add an extra flavour in the upcoming Mohun Bagan elections.