SRFTI Suspends 11 Students On Ragging Charges


Kolkata: The Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (SRFTI) are again on the boil. This time, the first-year students have complained to the authorities about incidents of ragging on the campus. Complaints have ranged from their seniors -some of them members of the anti-ragging squad -spitting on their faces to forcing them to fund their booze.

Director in-charge Amaresh Chakraborty said, “On Tuesday, 11 students were suspended. They have been asked to leave the hostel immediately.”

On Tuesday, 60 first-year students raised their concerns to the authorities. One of them said, “In our batch of 65 students, 60 went to protest. Among them, 25 gave individual complaint letters. Some of our seniors had barged into rooms and extorted money from us to buy liquor. Some of the seniors came into our rooms and abused us for over 30 minutes. They spat on our faces, broke glass bottles and abused us,” he said.