Spielberg may select Pratt for Indiana Jones


New York: Filmmaker Steven Spielberg is creating a buzz of late. It is to be heard that he’s all ready to get behind the lens for the new ‘Indiana Jones’ movie.

Spielberg’s last film (Lincoln in 2012) was a mass break through. The director wants to helm ‘Indiana Jones (V)’ which concocted in eying Chris Pratt to play the famed archaeologist. Harrison Ford justified the role as the famous ‘Doctor, Indiana Jones Junior,’ will not be seen any more putting his hat on and carrying a leather satchel, chasing heinous evil rangoon’s.

According to reports, the ‘Alien: Resurrection’ director’s previous ‘Indiana Jones: Crystal Skull’ turned out to be a smashing hit at the Box Office. But, the screenplay of the movie has not yet been finalized yet. As per reports, Pratt can be seen in the next ‘Jurassic World’ movie. The movie’s star cast is anticipated from Bryce Dallas Howard, Try Simparks, BD Wong to our very own Irrfan Khan and many more.