Spice jet hikes ticket cancellation charges


New Delhi: Spice jet on Friday revised the ticket cancellation charges for both the domestic and international travels but kept them within the limits of the passenger’s pockets. The revised cancellation charges will be will be coming into effect from July 5.

According to airline, the cancellation charges for the domestic flights have been revised to Rs 1,800 as against Rs 1,500 earlier while the cancellation fee for the international flights now stands at Rs 2,250.

Following the hike, a passenger cancelling a ticket more than 2 to 48 hours before departure now has to pay Rs 2,250, up 50 per cent from earlier.

A person cancelling 2-7 days prior will have to shell out Rs 2,000, and a person who opts out 7-30 days before will have to pay Rs 1,500. Only customers who cancel 30 days or before, are charged Rs 1,250, 20 per cent lower than earlier.

If a person cancels tickets in less than two hours before the departure won’t get any refund.